Need help against heavier



Hi all :D

First time posting on the grappling forums, which makes sense since I've only been training for a month now in BJJ. I'm just curious to know if there are any tips on exercise and/or technique that I can work on to better handle heavier guys.

I noticed I couldn't bump really heavy guys off of me nor escape from their side control. It was just too much weight to squeeze under. I was always struggling and couldn't get into any dominant positions without a great deal of difficulty, luck, and laziness on their part. What ends up happening is that I get tired from being weighed down and get caught in ridiculous submissions =/. Any tips on technique or exercises I can do to help this situation would be greatly appreciated! :D
well one of the strong points of BJJ is the ability of a smaller (or weaker) guy to be able to handle stronger and heavier. Untill you learn more, and that just takes time, quit using up your energy under them. Dont push on their arms, their upper body and dont waste energy hugging them, something a lot of beginners do. Use the bare minimum down there to survive, you aren't stallin' as they are in the dominant position and they have to keep it moving forward. They will get frustrated trying subs on you unsuccesfuly and move towards sloppier and lower percentage moves. Bide you time, and get out of there when they overcook one of their attemps. As you learn more, you'll be amazed at just how well the techniques work.
Check their oil, do an egg flip, or try to ram something in an uncomfortable spot.
You need to learn how to shrimp, using your hip movement to escape instead of your strength/explosiveness. You need to bump, as you said, but don't do that to really move the guy, you are just bringing him up a couple inches so you can bring your knee in (for guard).

I do this on guys who outweigh me by sometimes 100 lbs. I can't do it at will, but I keep frustrating them with a little bump and shift and eventually I get in. You should also brace one forearm in their neck and one in their hip while sidemounted. This will greatly faciliate your bumping. Ask your instructor, experienced gym-buddies for clarification.
personaly i dont like putting an arm on their neck.. your inviting a kimura if you do... they will just hug your arm swing to north south and your done. push on their hip and keep your other arm under their arm and be ready to cradle them if they move to knee on the belly or start moving for mount.
dont get into side mount, i know when i was heavier (220-250) i tried to abuse my weight against guys 185 and under by doing so id just get lazy and lay into them tight to tire them out. the better guys were able to catch on and just start guillitoning me or getting me to make a quick sudden movement so im off balance and sweep. now that im lighter i find myself using a lot more technique