Need advice on Muay Thai shin guards

The 1st one is def the better deal it's leather and cheaper. I've never used the CS ones before, I know the Windy ones are pretty good.
As far as protection goes, Windy Pro style is the best. Just as much padding where you need it as a traditional one but its lighter. The only bad thing i have to say about it is that if you like grappling, the seams connecting the foot part will start coming undone after a while. In which case, go for the CS pair, it's cheaper and made for grappling. I love my Windys but I also got them for $44. Depends what you're looking for. Striker= windy, Grappler=cs
damn you guys are spoiled! My gym didn't let us wear those we got the cloth kinds, And me being stupid didn't know that they had those thick ones. AFter my first month my shins got harder than R. Kelly in Toys R. Us!
Cool, thanks. I am definitely a striker.

No one wears these in my gym unless you are sparring. Never in an actual technique or conditioning class.
Ok, now keep in mind I only paid $44 for my pair and they have been $60 or more everywhere else I've ever seen them. CS makes a pair just like them (pro style, exactly the same) for a few dollars less. It would be worth it to check them out for you probably.

And yeah, only wear them when you're sparring otherwise you might look dumb. Even sparring I sometimes don't wear them cuz I'm the only one who has shin guards. My sparring partners are happier when I wear them though. :D
Cool, thanks for the info, I appreciate it. My next question was going to be how the CS ones compare, because they are cheaper. If they are exactly the same, then... :)

Not to sound like an a$$hole, but the money isn't so much the issue for me. I just want quality equipment that I won't need to replace in a month or repurchase something better later on. But if it's cheap, all the better. :D
Well you cant go wrong with CS, all their products are top notch. I guess it depends on $$$ but I would definitally stick with the 1st or 3rd ones you have picked out.
Yeah, CS makes a good product as far as my experience. Plus you have the benefit of it not being quite the big name that say windy or twins is yet so they ALWAYS do their best to make a good product and back it up. Just as good but cheaper? Definitely the way to go. Thats why I mentioned how much I payed for my shinguards before, they are equivalent and at the time had an equivalent price. Besides, after a while, all you want is for it to still be in one piece becase the protection will be more for your training partners than yourself.
If it were me, I'd go with the grappling style.


There is a really freaking hard... idk what to call it... bar? right over your instep on these things. If you overtighten it, it digs into your insteps. You don't feel it while sparring, but after long sparring sessions, I sometimes had trouble walking my insteps were bruised so bad.
I have the CS ones and i love them , i picked them because they slide on like a sock and wont move around