Need a Jiu Jitsu School or Grappeling school in North Jersey


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Jul 25, 2005
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Im going up there in september and i cant be without Jiu Jitsu for amonth so help a brotha out
Where in Jersey will you be. There are alot of schools but it really depends on where you'll be.
if you're in north jersey check out david adiv's school. royler blackbelt and judo blackbelt, good guys and a good academy. the link to his website is on
Renzo has some guys in NJ. Ricardo Almeida and Jamie Cruz are in NJ, I think, but not sure how north they are.
ill be in northwest new jesey but i can drive like an hour.. sussex county specifically
Louis Vintaloro is a blackbelt under Royler and has a school up north in Fair Lawn?? He instructs my instructor and he gave my class a seminar the other day the guy is amazing.