Neck sore after rolling?


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Nov 23, 2005
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Neck is sore after rolling what should I use heat or ice on my neck before I do some stretches??? ( ive allways had a weak neck and like to stretch it alot)
That is actually pretty common when you first start rolling. My neck wasn't weak but I still felt a bit of stiffness or discomfort, perhaps due to muscle fatigue in the neck muscles surrounding the sides and back of the neck. Particularly when I wasn not warmed up, like in the mornings.
yea my neck has allways hurt a lot though even before doing anything like BJJ
do some wrestling stretches for your neck it helped me a lot and ice will work but dont' make a habbit of icing your neck after every practice thats not really good for you just make sure you stretch before and after class
Neck bridges (wrestling stretches) will help. Your body will adapt and this will go away unless you have a propensity to get caught in neck cranks and/or go standup judo and have not learned to fall right (by the way, my experience is that even if you fall right, your neck can still be sore with the right throws...).

Getting back on track, your body will adapt and you eventually learn to defend yourself better to avoid getting caught in submissions or a bad position wher you can get hurt.
Do some strengthening exercises. Stretching is good but you need to get some strength. Good old fashioned stuff. Lean against a wall (with a towel or something) with your head in all 4 directions. Also, buy some good pillows. My neck used to bother me pretty bad and eventually figured out it was because of my beat down 1983 pillows...
yea I got a good pillow but does anyone have any idea if I am supposed to use heat on a certain body part before I stretch it???
tommboy said:
yea I got a good pillow but does anyone have any idea if I am supposed to use heat on a certain body part before I stretch it???

You must be referring to warming up (as in getting your heart rate up by running for example) prior to stretching as opposed to walking into the gym and beginning static stretching.

You do not need to apply heat for regular stretching.

The only time I have seen heat used is for rehab work on certain muscles etc... heat /cold treatments. Examples: I had back spasms and the cold/heat treatment, plus certain stretching and strenghtening exercises (and ultrasound treatments) fixed the problem.

If you are concerned about hurting yourself, this is a valid concern. You can hurt yourself if you do the exercises wrong. If you jump straight into the bridging exercises without any prior conditioning, this can be bad. Especially if you try the nose-bridge type exercises.

Run and go through a warm up period, jumping jacks, slow neck rotations, chest stretch, arm and shoulder rotations, hip rotations, stretch legs, calfs, ankles.

More warm ups:pushup, situps. At this point, your body is ready for neck exercises.

Neck exercises can be done safely. The best thing is to work thorugh a fitness trainer or check with a wrestling coach.
Make sure your neck is well excercised and stretched before you start rolling.
I went to class one day, came in late, no warmup, so i want about with rolling, and got stacked in a way, that i could hear my neck just pop.
I lost good motor control to one direction then,(couldn't put my chin down to my chest). I iced it when i got home, which was a bad idea, since the muscles just locked up even more.
That night i went to first AID, got some muscle relaxers, which i took for about a week
i couldn't lay down that night, and had to sleep in an upright position
, after 1-2 weeks it was completely gone, but the first nights it was hell, i got heavy shocks with small movements through my body like the muscles were swollen up against my spinal cord. I was really scared lol , thats why i went to have it checked up.

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