neck numbness?


Apr 30, 2005
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hello, i was in a sw tournamnet yesterday and in the third match i got stuck in a anaconda type of choke, but it was from my half guard, the guy who had it was s
Probably just stiff neck, had that last week, from my shoulder to the top of my neck, was sore and numb as fuck. It'll heal, get some bengay creme.
yeah i put some thai balm on that shit, but still feels freaky, right after yhe match it pinched my self there and didn't fell shit, now i feel it abit but now that much,
you got a nerve pinched. the neck is full of them, and that is why a broken neck is so bad because it an sever the nerves.

but you're okay so take a hot bath and soak for a while. light massage. it will go in a few days.

once i deadlifted something stupidly heavy for my age and size. i felt a twing in the back of my neck and my tongue was tingling for half an hour after that. scared the crap out of me.
okey thanks mate, good to know it isn't some sign of being paralysed, i guess i just should tap the next time,
it's a thin line that only you and the guy you're rolling with really know. some guys try to rip the head clean off if they get the chance but you know that coming out.

learn your body's limitations and tap just before you get there. imo.
Yup, I would have to agree with Fight Song as it sounds like a pinched nerve. It's gonna stiffen up and be a sharp pain anytime you turn your head. Depending on how "severe" it is, it shouldn't last more than a week, maybe two. Get a massage.