NCAA Wrestlng Quarterfinals on now

#1 Gregor Gillespie (last year national champ ) just lost to #8 Jorden Leeh. Leeh was putting a early ankle pick clinic on the national champ.
Awesome! Thanks.

For anyone with DirectV, ESPNU is channel 609. I don't know about other cable / sat companies.
My lack of ESPNU infuriates me. I wish I could have made it in person this year, but realistically, I won't be able to show up again until 2011 in Philly. For those in the St Louis area who didn't make it this year, you have another chance next year and I highly suggest you check it out - it's a great event with a great atmosphere.
Unless you have FUCKING comcast internet which doesn't work with because they didn't pay ESPN for the access.

If you know someone with verizon you can login with a username and pass and watch it from anywhere.