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Nate Quarry talks about what the fighter's association is trying to do

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by greatsantini, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. greatsantini Orange Belt

    Mar 9, 2012
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    Nate Quarry who's not only suing the UFC but also working on a fighters association gav've a really in-depth interview where he talked at length about what the association is trying to do, including having the Ali Act cover MMA.

    So how do you envision the MMAFA working? How will it help fighters?

    It's a mirror image of the Screen Actors Guild. You have your movie stars and you have the actors in the small parts. They both get something from being in the guild.

    Lets say Spielberg comes out tomorrow and says "I am going to make this movie" but he also says "I ain't going to use union workers and I ain't going to pay anyone anything." People would be crawling over each other to work with Spielberg. Associations protect the workers from themselves. Because without that you can always find people who do something for nothing.

    It benefits everyone up and down the line. It's so funny how near sighted some of these guys are. Thinking they are getting paid well? They may think they're making a lot, but not if they see the books. If you look at boxing promoters they pay 80% to the boxers, In MMA, it's what? Around 10%? If you're a star in MMA wouldn't you rather be making what they make in boxing? What did Klitschko and his opponent make?

    I believe the split on the purse bid was $18 million for Klitschko and $5 million for Fury.

    And there's just as much money in MMA only it's not going to the fighters.

    We know the motivation of the CEO and the guys at the top. It's to make as much as possible. We fighters have very limited careers. It could be over in a round so we need to make as much as possible in a very limited amount of time.

    In the NFL and other sports it used to be that the owners got all the money. And the owners said the same thing, "you're greedy. You're living other peoples dreams. You should be happy playing a game." Well then, you mind putting on a few shows for free? If it's a dream why are you charging for tickets?

    When we talked to one of the players of the NFL Players Association he told a story where the owner, and it was one of these generational owners, was yelling at the players for being greedy. So he looked at the owner and told him "Look, you got this team from your father and you're going to give it to your son. I can't give my position to my son. I need to make as much as possible now for me and my family."​

    It's long but interesting. He makes a lot of strong points about fighter concerns but I'm not sure that would be what I would want to see. I guess he shouldn't care what I want, as much as fans probably don't care what fighters want. Oh well.

  2. mjmj Red Belt

    Jul 19, 2013
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    Something needs to change, but I hate seeing twisted facts being used to make an argument. If an argument can’t stand on its own merit, there’s something wrong. Quarry is sounding like an attorney there.
  3. keylock21 Purple Belt

    Aug 26, 2007
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    Joss Stones panty drawer
    I hope that something happens. No one knows what really goes on behind closed doors but, these guys deserve more than what they're getting paid, imho.
    There are still guys out there working full time jobs make ends meet, and still training daily. Again, only my opinion but, if the UFC is going to call on you to appear in the big show, working somewhere else in between fights should be the least of their worries. If they can't take care of their fighters, these shows are all going to end up being like the Kimbo/6000 SUX fight.

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