Nat Geo Inside Underground Poker(vid inside)


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Aug 29, 2010
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I saw this on Nat Geo the other day and thought it was pretty good.Its a Doc. on unground poker in NYC. Its got everyone you expect, the gambler, The house, The Players, The Muscle,etc.... If you like Doc. i would check it out.


Now while i think it done pretty well, i can't tell if its real or not. So anyone here play in underground poker games. I am shit at poker, so i don't. not even at the casino.
I saw some of it the other day too. I too, couldn't tell if it's real or not. I'm guessing it's bullshit but WTF do I know.
Thanks for the hookup Tex'. I figure that it had to have some production values so that it could go better on TV. Kinda like Intervention.
NatGeo = fake as fuck

anything they don't want cameras around there aren't cameras around

some beg for celebrity, others are happy to have none at all, just the $$$$$$
The guy claims he gets paid for his games only off of tips. If that's really the case and he doesn't rake from pots, then I don't think that's a game that gets busted by cops too often. From the buy ins, I'm guessing it's probably a $2/5 game which is pretty common.

It all looked pretty real to me, just sensationalized quite a bit. Especially the part where he recruits a guy from another game. They tried to make that look as sketchy as they could when really the only footage you're being shown is of a guy talking to a guy.... Of course no one who runs a game is gonna be happy if you go to his house and try to steal his players, but at 2/5 games i dont think its something anyones getting shot or stabbed over.

I'd say a part that might have been faked for drama was when the guy got tipped for his new spot being hot. And I'm sure the producers convinced the guy to allow the cousin to play in the game to make some drama too. Otherwise though, when you're playing at a underground game with a lot of money involved and with a rake, cops and robbers are a pretty real concern.
You can believe what you want, but you will never know what goes on in the streets of NY until you've lived there.
Gonna watch it later.
You have AC, foxwoods, mohegan sun, Sands in PA. Can you not get a good poker experience by going to one of those if you live in NYC?
I saw this the other day. The dude's fake eye brows annoyed me.
The show is fake but made by people that were probably loosely involved on the low end of underground gambling.

I used to work security (when I was in college) for event in NY with a friend and several other guys doing security. A friend of mine is a big German Biker dude that does security for random famous and rich people. Somewhere along the way he came into contact with a group of people that run two of these games a month. They're usually between 1-5k initial buy in, the cash/chips distributed at different locations (earlier in the day) so there's minimal cash at the venue (they players bring the chips to the game location). There were usually between 50-100 players and the game would run like 8-10 hours. At the end of the night we'd escort the winner to a house (it changed each time and we wouldn't know where till the game ended) and he'd get his payout and we'd get paid.
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