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name of this move and a little help.


Nov 14, 2005
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I was sparring with a wrestler and he went for a basic tackle takedown, i felt like doing something new. His head was down for the tackle so i leaned forward, the back of his head hit my stomache, i put my biceps on the top of his houlders, went under the arm pits and locked my hands on the top of his back. If I pulled him closer to me to stretch his cervical cord, he would grab my legs, so i leaned forward, he was reaching but couldn't do anything. I though of twisting and falling in the full mount but with the back of his head on my stomache it looked too dangerous, we were just sparring. So me not able to do much either, i threw 2 knees, then a few lowkicks, tried another knee that he caught and slammed me. Should I have twisted?
i think you did a "cow catcher" but with both arms. If you know what a full nelson is, did it look like a reverse full nelson?

ohh damn I know what your talking about now. Did it look anything like this, but with his head on your belly?



everybody....he is referring to a "cow catcher"...very common and useful in wrestling as you want to turn you opponent onto his back. You can also get it from the front headlock position and transition into it as a good offensive move. Hard to defend the turnover once its locked on. In No Gi it would be good to turn opponent and try and mount him.
jesus christ look at the face on the guy in the first pic.
Huntor said:
jesus christ look at the face on the guy in the first pic.

Yeah nobody fucks with karelin...

no, not even rulon...
I think he's talking about something like this.


So hockeyfacekilla, I think maybe you could have held tight and rolled back instead of going foward into the mount like you mentioned. If you roll effectively you flip him over and roll right on top of him into the full mount. In judo it's called the Rice Bag Reversal or Tawara Gaeshi.


Find animated gifs of it here:
Am I reading this right? Basically, you got double underhooks and grasped your hands at his back with whatever grip of your chosing? That's a standard defense to a double leg.
Oh, I read the hockeyfacekilla's original post again and I totally misunderstood it the first time.
Disregard my rice bag reversal stuff above.

I think you should push / twist him laterally over if you get this on him again.

Is this what you are referring to? If so, I have no idea how you actually locked your hands.. You must have abnormally long arms.
Anybody have pictures of the cow catcher?

I have no experience in wrestling, except for a few years of following the WWF/WWE. Sounds a lot like the setup for Triple H's "Pedigree" if I'm not mistaken, as one of the pics above shows.
You should have done a double-arm suplex from that position and dropped him on his head.
found it! Bas Rutten's supiorior free fight technigues takedowns volume eight technique number 20. i'm a white belt or something so i can't post to ask the fighters, but maybe ask bas rutten himself about this.