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NAGA tourny


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Mar 24, 2005
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Whot do you guys think of nAGA's rule that states if you lose your first match in a division than you can drop down a division. I recently fought in the novice division and hours before hand there were only 14 people signed up for it, by the time the other divisions had fought there were 25 or more people fighting in a division that is supposed to be 6 mos. and under and no wrestlers. I heard a guy saying after he lost in the intermediate division that he had been training for 2 yrs and just got his blue belt, I ended up having to fight him in the second round. In the end everything worked out as I took first place. But I still think it sucked for other true novices like my self who got owned by someone who shouldn't have been there.
are you under 6 months? if so how the hell did u end up beating a blue belt?