naga nationals alpharetta GA may 10th


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Feb 18, 2008
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ill be competing in the mens intermediate 180-189 is anyone else going on here going?
will be there but If I am 180-189 I will be in some serious trouble ..
shooting for 159 and under
intermediate and expert for the hell of it ..

and masters 3 years and above
I'll be there with SH5, beginners masters, beginners mens if they will let you step down.
I am thinking of competing. 165 right now. Want to get below that by that time.
well all i know of jiu jitsu is what i learned from my week at gracie barra, and training with guys who train jiu jitsu, other than that im just a wrestler with submissions and transitions
needless to say ill be requiring ALOT on my strength and speed in this tourney lol