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Sep 10, 2002
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Hey guys,

Na Guarda Kimonos proudly announce that our new web site is up and running!!
Check up our new gis series, Na Guarda Evolution, Na Guarda Competition and
Na Guarda Supreme.
Visit us at:

Also check this new Gi brand, Kimonos Zillium. For more details visit: .

Na Guarda Kimonos 100% Jiu- Jitsu
the Na Guarda kimonos look good.

Feel free to send one over and i'll review it for fightgears website ;)
Hey Guys,

Thank you everyone for the good words about Na Guarda Kimonos. We did not run out of business, but we run into major changes, what kept us with our website out of the internet for a while. During this time, we were researching and testing for the best cut, fabrics, weight and design of kimonos, and we are coming back stronger than ever with new gis.

Take care,

Na Guarda Kimonos 100% Jiu- Jitsu
Alex gave me a really great customer service, I was looking for some info on the gi's and he replied almost immediatelly on all my e-mails and I even spoke to him and he talked to me about what he's expecting :D Great job Alex. Thank you.
Thank you Filipe! I really appreciate the support!!!

Na Guarda Kimonos 100% Jiu- Jitsu