My SPRAWLs suck



They are fuckin literally unraveling. I thought they were the best???
More details are needed. Which version did you get flexfighters, xt version, etc? Also how are the unraveling, what specific defects exist? Sprawl did have a bad batch but that was month's ago so maybe you got a pair. Either way have you bothered to contact them before bashing their product?
Yea SPRAWL had some bad pairs get out. You need to talk to Steve, he will get everything sorted out for ya.
Odds are you got a pair of the Flex 2006's which were of the defective batch, do give us as many details before Steve M see's this forum and addresses it. (though I think Steve I. said that he is away)

Was the defective batch part of the yellow sprawls? I got a yellow pair but havnt rolled in them yet.
I have been using mine 2 times a day washing them inbetween (they dry FAST) and they last great so far a lil were but nothing major. great shorts.
Mortgage King, if you are having a problem with the shorts please contact us and we will replace them. You can send an email to [email protected] or [email protected] or call us at 877-266-8033.

codysweet02, the yellow shorts are fine from a structural standpoint. The only issue with them is the slight transparency which we note on our website.
Cool thanks, whats the next color comming out?
they are the flex xt i beleive.

if i get a defective product i will bash it regardless. if i were to give someone a bad loan should they not bash me? should they contact someone and get "permission first", no.

if they stand by their product and rectify the situation then they are a good comapny.
They are taking care of everything.

I apologize for all negative remarks I stated.
Whatever happened to contacting the manufacturer first and then complaining about it after they've at least had an opportunity to rectify the problem? Their customer service doesn't suck if you don't give them a chance to give it to you first. Glad you got it worked out.
I have been using mine 2 times a day washing them inbetween (they dry FAST) and they last great so far a lil were but nothing major. great shorts.

Hey I roll in mine a lot, not twice a day though and I wash em alot, just a quick ? for you or anyone else. Has anyone elses SPRAWL up the side (the flexfighter XT comp. series) started cracking and breaking. Ive been told to wash them inside out, after the cracking already happened though and I dont think its spread anymore so that might have been the problem. I'm not bashing at all, they just look very 'used' now and they are so its cool... just wondering cause I'm gonna order some more (and more and more) and wouldn't mind them keeping the "new" look for a while.
Love SPRAWL :) thanks
I think that eventually they'd crack. Like just looking at mine, I reckon if I stretch and pull them a bit the sprawl down the side would crack and break
Oh, so you're suggesting we make them crack on purpose so that the shorts look well worn?
The comp models are silk screened so of course they are going to crack, it's inevitable. You could get the comp model for well, competition and the standard for everyday practice.
All silkscreen logos will look like crap in a matter of time. Go with the simple look of the nogi or the plain Sprawl shorts. I have a 2 year old HCK short and their logos are holding up great but they put the money into embroidering them and not just a silk.