My last fight Video YAA!!!!!!


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Apr 1, 2005
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They finally posted my last fight from the end of october. the first link is my fight in May and the second link is the fight in October (the new one). The 21st of this month I'm fighting for the light weight title. Hopefully I win.
good take down, sorry armbar attempt, took to long for the triangle choke.
crappy take down, crappy armbar, but somehow I won

Thanks for looking guys
Also for all of you MMA nerds can you ID the ref. It's the same guy in both of them. I'll give you a hint he was on the front of sherdog not to long ago. ?????????
Nice vids!
What organisation/event was this?

On vid 1: Should have gotten the other arm for the triangle choke, that's probably why it took so long. Takedown was solid.
On vid 2: Wow, he really went on you when you tried to pick him up. Shouldn't have slammed him into the fence, it looked like you bounced back. About the armbar, thought he would get out of it, but in the end he tapped, and that is what counts, right?! :)

Props for your wins RBM!
good fights ... in the first one though whats up with your opponents corner telling the guy to armbar you when he was mounted?
Awesome vids bro. Way to be!

What organization is this? How did you get involved with them? How long and in what styles do you train?
good stuff, Are you pro or ameture? how long have u been training?
you did fine. i laughed my ass off when the guy screamed "hit him in the face troy! in the face! hit him, now!".

keep fighting, you look good.
FStep said:
good fights ... in the first one though whats up with your opponents corner telling the guy to armbar you when he was mounted?

They were morons. I think it was just some from idiot in the crowd watching the fight.

That second guy sucked.
The coach for the first guy has got to be the worst coach ever. He just keeps screaming the same wrong advice over and over.

I really lost it when he kept screaming "GLOVE HIM! NO, DON'T PUNCH, GLOVE!" from the triangle.

But nice wins. You looked very good out there.
good job on the fights and good luck with the title.

Troy's coach, if he was the coach, is the worst coach eva!!!!
LOL - the bloke at the end looked really pissed at the loss.

Good work & good luck for the next fight.
AEC seems to be one of the worst orgs ever. Just Curtis Stout, the octagon and the fighters made it look sanctioned. That Clown is creepy.
Anyway you did very well. Congratulations to you.
i liked how you used your toes to grip the mat in the second fight lol
The first video corner was funnier then shit.. ARM BAR.. ARM BAR (WTF He's in mount).

LOL, good job, VERY solid takedown, although I think you could have slammed him a little harder, kicked your legs back a little.
Hey, I like both of your fights. Your submissions look good. Good luck on the 21st with the title shot.
Nice dude. I'm impressed you were able to get the mount in the second video. You took a few punches to the head I see. The triangle in vid 1 was pretty nice. Good luck man!
not to bad, lmao, do you always spazz out like that after you win?