My Last BJJ Tournament (Vid)


Purple Belt
Oct 28, 2003
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I competed at the U.S. Open in Santa Cruz on October 22nd. I lost my match, but feel it was a match I shouldn't have lost. My opponent was tough; a guy from Seattle named Steve Cabana. I give him all the credit in the world... I mean he caught me. Just thought I'd share it and would welcome any criticism.

Here's the video:
FYI for others watching this video, Ybot is the guy in the white gi. It looks like you're a purple belt.

Good match - there was some nice back and forth going there. Thanks for posting.
BEAUTIFUL sweeps man. very impressive.
damn.. i didnt think he was gonna get you. but still you looked very good out there. you can't be better than everyone unfortunately
Thanks guys. I haven't really competed much, and this is the first time I've video taped my rolling for years. I can see a lot of stuff I need to work on... I just gotta tape more often.

Yes I'm purple. Steve was strong and I had a real hard time trying to establish position. I was up 2-0 when he caught me. He was cranking my arm as I was trying to get out the back, and looking at it now I think I should have just tried to stand from there, he probably would have fallen off. I feel I did alright, and plan to compete again as soon as I can.

Oh, and that one sweep I got, damn, the match was almost worth it just for Cassio yelling "Beautiful!" to that sweep.
my adrenaline started pumping as i watched. God I miss competing
Very nice. Just one question what's the difference between the blue gi and a white gi?
Haha, I probably saw you! I was there on the day of the purple belt competition. There were some good fights.
Cool video, thanks

Why did the ref stop the match about 2 min into the vid?
Ybot, nice work, thanks for sharing.
Looked to me like you dominated the first half of the fight and were even the second half until he caught you there at the end.
Fun to watch.
It seemed to me that maybe you got more tired than him during the second half of the match. Would you say that was true? He looked like he had a little more gas.
The Reason the ref stopped us two minutes in was that at the very beginning of the match he almost gave me 2 points for that first sweep, even raising his hand, but I don't think he held up his fingers for the points, instead giving me an advantage for it. Well, I guess the score keepers gave me those first 2, and so the ref stopped us to have those points taken off and giving me my advantage instead.

Bubble Boy- I was definately tired, and really should have done more conditioning before this tournement, but knowing that my division was gonna be small, I didn't worry too much. In the end I really believe that he was way more tired than me. I walked off huffing and puffing after they raised his hand, and he collapsed while his team mates came out to massage his tired limbs.

Like I said I was tired, but really I should have had enough gas to finish stronger, just don't have a very explosive style to begin with. It's one of my weaknesses that I need to work on.

djmarkiss- The difference is that he bought a blue gi, and I bought a white. Typically blue runs a few dollars more than a white of the same style, and seeing as I'm cheap I stick with the white. Your alowed to wear solid blue, solid white, or solid black gis in this tournament.
Dominic Kihlstrand- Thanks for the comments, and yeah the second sweep was effortless. I was actually just starting to elevate him enough to pull X-guard, but when he proved to be so light I just took him all the way over. And thanks for rehosting.