My Grappling Vid (faster)


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Jan 9, 2006
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I took one of the files and put it on yousendit, so it should be a faster download than before.

I'm the guy with the dark brown hair and goatee.

Quick background-

- 19yrs old (started when I was 18)
-Been taking for 7 months now
- Plan to compete at the Bud World Cup in Concord this Saturday (White Belt, 156-175)
- No concerns with winning, or losing, only competiting to see how I stand against other white belts, and to see what needs the most work out of everything.

All comments are welcome haha, even the STFU noob ones. If you do have the time though, if you could be specific when referring to what really sucks about my rolling, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks guys.

Oh yea, Tudor, you said you'd do a review when you had some time. Thanks man. I didn't want to up the other thread. Gonna let that one die.
lockjaw- Yea man tell me about it. I normally walk around at mid 160s, so I ended up putting on about 10lbs for this tournament. Not nec. what I want to do, but oh well. Potentially the only thing I have control over is my conditioning, so I figured I'd get that right.

MadMonkey- Thanks man.
Haha Triso, great critique, but I think ya critiqued it for the wrong person. I'm the younger of the two guys lol, the one with the darker hair. If you wouldn't mind throwing around a critique for me that be awesome, but if not, thanks for looking at the vid anyhow.
Nice man, what belt/division??

Any more critiques would be greatly appreciated. I know it ain't much to look at, but any help would be awesome.