MW divison Mess & Matches to Make


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Jun 12, 2012
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I really think they have a huge mess going on here in the MW divison.
People say Weidman deserves a shot people say Bisping do, Heard talk of Philipou, Okami, and Lombard.

I think if Bisping wins against Vitor he should get the shot, but if he loses id like to see him fight Lombard, Rockhold, Okami, or Philipou

I only think Chris Weidman should get a shot at Silva if Bisping loses. I truly dont believe that Weidman has fought a top 5 opponent yet. I think if Bisping does win and gets the shot then weidman should fight Okami, Philipou, or Luke Rockhold when he gets in the UFC

Id like to see Lombard fight someone who would stand and trade with him. Either Stann, Philipou, Belfort if he loses to Bisping.

What do you think?
Weidman imo is the top contender but if he has to beat another top 10 to get a title shot then I guess that's what has to happen.

Bisping probably will get title shot if he beats Belfort. Belfort on the other hand is gonna need to win 2-3 more if he beats Bisping.

Then we got Rockhold who should probably get a #1 contender fight when he comes to UFC. I highly doubt he will get a direct title shot and think he should have to fight 1 guy before he does.

Lombard could be a top contender but unfortunately he lost that fight to Boetsch. But a lot of people thought he won and his KO over Palhares was brutal and so he probably needs 2 more wins for title shot.

Boetsch, Phillippou, Okami, and Belcher are nowhere near title shots. Even though Phillippou is on a good streak I don't think the UFC is gonna give him a shot until he beats one of the guys above impressively. Okami is a top 10 MW but realistically he will never see a title shot unless Anderson retires and Okami will have to start finishing people.
Okami is the head bouncer @ Club Silva. Weidman has to pass the soba rope test first.

Bisping is already in the club but can't get past the coat check girl for some reason.
MW has been so bad since it started. IF any good 205 dropped to 185 there would be a new ruler.
Bisping title shot if he wins

Weidman vs Okami
Costa vs Lombard
Belcher vs Boetsch

Rockhold i dont think has been that dominant in strikeforce that he gets automatic title shot, he needs a couple wins so I would throw him in with Bisping if he loses or someone like Francis Carmont or Larkin.
Leben vs Franklin would be good

Brunson vs Ronny Markes (if he wins)
I think belfort will ko bisping so after that fight I think it should be Weidman belfort for the title shot and throw lombard in there with bisping.