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Mundials final day play-by-play in here

One of them must live. Ignore the other. Teh bamp.
Thanks. Lots of triangles going down over there. Sounds exciting.
Go Roger!!

Roger taps Cavaca by gi choke at 2m42s!!!
Damn, victor and otavio just went out :( the guy that beat kron beat victor
Bill Cooper and Sergio Moraes beat Otavio Souza and Vitor Estima, respectively! The Alliance vs. Gracie Barra race to the title heats up!

Xande beat Tarsis.
Roger and Telles are going at it right now!
Braulio in the finals. is his opponent the winner of Lovato Jr Vs Abreu?
Roger just beat Telles. 0-0, but Roger wins by 3 advantages to 1. Great showing by Telles.
I wonder if Telles fought not to get tapped? Roger always goes for the finish, so if it was a static fight then maybe Telles was passive?
Well played if he didnt get tapped or even lose points tho
so is it braulio vs galvao?

Roger gracie is about to fight
Roger gets the choke at 9 minutes 59 seconds. And his reign over the division continues.