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Jul 24, 2005
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Im pretty sure this is aloud. If it is not someone tell me and i will take it down ASAP

[VIDEO] Ronaldo Jacare x Roberto Ferreira

[VIDEO] Ronaldo Jacare x Andre Galvao

[VIDEO] Xande Ribeiro x Bento Ribeiro

[VIDEO] Interview with Marcelo Garcia

[VIDEO] Interview with Saulo Ribeiro

[VIDEO] Interview with Xande Ribeiro

[VIDEO] Interview with Ronaldo Jacare
i am on high speed and it still took a long time to view them, i tried to dl them but it doesnt work.

and it is legal to view all the matches posted there, they have permission to post them
yeah these vids do take way to long to download... i wonder what the deal is.
They loaded fast for me. The interviews were stupid tho. When the girl was interviewing Jacare and he got done one of his answers she just said "ok" and asked the next question, she didnt translate what he said haha. Pretty cool videos tho. Those guys are all amazing. I wonder if I will ever be that good one day.