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Sep 16, 2002
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anyone ever buy from there? They seem pretty reputable but I just wanted to double check ..I dont believe in teh search function
yeah i know its ridiculous....thats why i am nervous simply because it is so abnormal i guess.....they even have to ability to offer live help....though its always great if they would post here
I won two pairs of shorts from them of ebay. Price was low quality was OK they are legit.
how did you win two pairs of shorts? you mean through the traditional bidding process? or some other way?
I ordered 2 MT shorts and got them at a reasonable amount of time, so yes, they're reputable.
I thought the same thing at the time.
I think they're having a huge holiday sale right now.
Good luck.
Have to put in by good word for these guys too. I ordered two pairs of Twins gloves from them (separately) and both arrived to the US from Thailand within 5 days.