Muay Thai Winnipeg



Does anyone know of any really good Muay Thai gyms in Winnipeg??

Ya I think that Canadian Kickboxing and Muay Thai Center is pretty good. Or some people only know it as CKMTC. It is located at the end of Clifton street, I can't remember the address but it is near NotreDame. There are no big signs pointing it out but you an't really miss it. If you want to come down and watch a class I know they always are more than willing to let you. I haven't been training there all that long but I think it is pretty good, it is not like a couple of gyms where they try to train kids in the class. They are strictly adults as a kid would not be able to handle it. Oh and just so you know cardio classes are Tuesdays and Thursdays, and technique classes are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. On Saturday it is opne gym/sparring classes. Beginner Classes are from 6-7. Anyway hope this helps you out.
Do you know if they offer private lessons? I work during the evening.
I train at the CKMTC and it's very good, it's located at 1328 Clifton street and the head trainer is Giuseppe DeNatale. For private lessons you'd have to ask Giuseppe, come down sometime and watch a class/check out the gym see what ya think.
pm me and i can give you info on some daytime classes with carlos aguire..... he used to be a trainer at sik tai before it became ckmtc.

he also was pad holder for ufc veterain laverne clark....

he trains me and its quite good.... nice small daytime classes with lots of attention.