Muay Thai or Kali?


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Oct 30, 2005
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Hey guys. There are two good schools in my area that I would go to. One of them teaches Muay Thai and the other one is more of an MMA school that has Kali, Muay Thai, and BJJ. I ultimately want to learn both Muay Thai and Kali, along with some grappling down the line, but I only have the time and money for one art at this time. My focus is what would be best for self-defense in the street and I would like to create a good base to branch out from. Anyway, the schedules work out so I have to choose between Kali (2x week) or Muay Thai (3x week). Kali is the only one at the 2nd school that works with my schedule. Which do you think would be the wiser choice?
Kali is direckted towards self defense, but thai is great as a base for self defense, MA and MMA in general. I would try both and see what apeals to you. Its not just the style, but also the scool that makes trainig great or shit.
id take kali if..I find a good teacher. .. and is close to me :D..
If both schools are legit and the instruction good, I'd try kali. Kali covers more bases, has weapons and empty hand, and has excellent footwork and transitioning of techniques.
I think Kali is more for tradition also, it is a good art, Kali is good for everything empty hand , sticks , knives, but too me its based on tradition, kali when I took it, i was shown movements all based on steps from ancient history. I would take Muay Thai, because it will sure in hell help you in a fight plus you would get in great shape, but you should also take wrestling or jujitsu for the ground game.
Try both and see which one you enjoy more. Also consider if the schedule and school location works well for your life. You will get more out of the school that you will attend regularly. Both styles are great so don't worry from that prospective. Assuming you like both and the teachers are both good; go with Kali. The reason I say this, kali will have you working with weapons from day 1 (probably sticks). Since your goal is SD not the ring, this is a big benefit. Weapons tend to level out size differentials. In kali you will also learn an 'unarmed' as well.