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Muay Thai ankle/foot supports


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Jan 9, 2008
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What exactly are these and what should I look out for?! I hope people know what i mean, they go around the ankle and on the foot but have a space for the heel, i think they're just standard ankle supports but I woudln't mind some advice anyways on what/where to get them lol...

If you see fore xample in the Contender Asia matches, fighters often just wear them on one foot? Why is this?

As I'm recovering from a recent foot injury, I'm sure a support as mentioned ^ would help with the healing and offer it some extra protection.

Ankle supports are used to reduce ankle injuries. They can also be used to treat existing injuries. However it's important to know when to use ankle supports and when to rest the injury. Your instructor or GP will be able to advise you with this.

Just coming back to people wearing one ankle support. They do this for two reasons I think: (1) They put it on their dominent leg they use for kicking and; (2) they think it looks cool.

Hope this heps.