MoyaBrand Bill Cooper Gi GIVEAWAY!


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Jan 7, 2013
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Hey guys, MoyaBrand has teamed up with us to give away a BRAND NEW Bill "The Grill" Cooper Signature Series GI. This is their flagship Gi and retails at $199! It will be sent directly to you in your size from Moya Brand.

So here is the deal, goto our Facebook and share Bill's video in the giveaway post, and your in! We are trying not to be spammy, and make you jump through a bunch of hoops, and get on a mailing list or other carnival tricks . We figured this would be the easiest way. Our next give away will be open to all, even those who don't have Facebook, and we still won't ask to sign you up to anything annoying in return. Wow!

So, plain and simple, we just want to give someone a GI! There is nothing in it for us! We make and gain nothing doing this but to give back to the BJJ community! Who's game? We will be drawing soon.

(please check your privacy settings and make sure that shares are not private or friends only, or we will not be able to see them for entry. Facebook, pffft!)

right now you have very good odds!




How is that for a first post :icon_lol:​
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I think I entered it right now. Lol. Very nice gi, Moya has been putting out quality gear.
i like bill, but you would have to pay me to wear that gi

You wouldn't wear it if it were free? Crazy talk!

Aside from the circular BTG patches which can be removed, the rest of the patchwork looks rather normal and quite nice. Definitely the most thought I have ever seen in GI patch set design.

Maybe some day we can offer another Moya Design and you can give that giveaway a shot. :)