Mouthguard fitting before getting wisdom teeth out?



I need to get at least two of my wisdom teeth removed, they're growing off at an angle into my cheek. For fitting a custom mouthguard, would it hurt to get the fitting done right away or do the guards go back that far?
Most do not go that far back. I have an opro and I can't see wisdom teeth having any interferenc with it. I would recommend spending the extra $$$ and getting a Biteme mouthguard though.
While its true the actual guard doesnt go that far back if the wisdom teeth are causing crowding when you get them removed you run the risk of your teeth sliding back. If your getting your teeth out soon just do it and fit the guard a few weeks later thats what i did because i was concerned about my teeth moving back
Makes sense, I'll just put off fighting 'till everything's clear with my teeth then.
you will want to heal up anyways when i had my teeth out i thought i was healed as soon as someone went for a choke and i defended by putting my chin down it hurt like crazy just the pressure on the sockets where the teeth used to be moral of the story give it time to heal
Or I can just tap whenever someone gets my back.... eh, better to let it heal, I never tap to chokes soon enough.
Somewhat unrelated, but is it true after you get your wisdom teeth removed, you can take a couple of punches to the jaw and not feel a thing?
White Snake - ummm I don't think so :p

and my wisdom teeth havent affected my mouth guard.