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Mounting a heavy bag in the garage?

Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment Discussion' started by tazojla, Aug 29, 2015.

  1. tazojla

    tazojla White Belt

    Aug 15, 2015
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    My dad randomly found a heavy bag in the cellar of our pub and decided to bring it home for me to use so I can do some training at home, it's around 70/80lbs and is 5ft. I wanted some advice on how to mount the damn thing as there's so much info on the internet and I don't fancy breaking the roof trusses. Here are a few pics of the garage (Apologies for the shit photos)

    The 'Bottom Chord' is a 2x6 piece of wood


    From what I've seen on the internet I have two options (Not very accurate...)

    Just mount it directly to the 2x6 bottom chord and hope that it doesn't rip or fall out.

    Use some 2x4 and screw it in between 2 of the bottom chords and then in the center mount the heavy bag. Seems to be a better idea as then the weight is spread over 2 trusses and even if it does fall its only breaking the 2x4 and not the actual bottom chord.

    Then we have how to fix it to the wood, two options again

    Not to keen on this one, the screws look like they can just rip out of the wood, perhaps if I use bolts+nuts instead it might be better

    An eye bolt looks meaty enough to hold it securely in place.

    I think that by using a 2x4 across 2 of the trusses and the using an eye bolt should be sufficient, would like some opinions though. Noise and vibration isn't an issue as the garage is a separate building to the house and we do own it it's not rented or anything.
  2. FNF01

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    Apr 14, 2014
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    South Central Wisconsin
    Second option for sure and then I'd just screw any eye bolt through the 2x4 and make sure to use a spring between the eyebolt and the bag not only does it reduce noise( even though that's not an issue) it reduces the strain on the wood holding it

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