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May 24, 2004
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DVD is finally ready and I got some copies from GrappleTV, so pick em up! This event took place in December 2003, but is just now finally available on DVD. It is worth the wait!

Joe Moreira's Black Belt Challenge! This event took place at the historic Hollywood Park Race Track and Casino. 10 Fights, featuring Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the highest level. The critically acclaimed production crew from GrappleTV filmed and produced this DVD, featuring 5 camera angles and top notch quality. Approx 2 Hours Features 20 black belts in action. Check the link for some still shots from the video.

Fight Card:
Marcelo Ferreriao (Machado) vs. Alex Paulhao (Ryan Gracie)
Ricardo Barros (Ralph Gracie) vs. Julio Nardon (Machado)
Daniel "Coyote" (Gracie Barra) vs. Ricardo "Hellraiser" Teixeira
Joao Silva vs. Jared Weiner (Lloyd Irvin)
Paulo Guillobel (Machado) vs. Joao Cunha (Ralph Gracie)
Martin Sanchez (Moreira) vs. Dartanian Bagby (Wander Braga)
Gustavo Moreira vs. Waldomiro Perez (BHJJC)
Chris Smith (Charles Gracie) vs. Ica Medina (Machado)
Cassio Werneck vs. Mark Kompaneyets
Wander Braga vs. Fabio Vinelli

BONUS GIFT FOR A LIMITED TIME: We are going to throw in a special 25 minute DVD from Green Whale Productions. This DVD will feature instructional and live sparring footage from our forthcoming 2 DVD videomagazine set. It will only be available along with the Black Belt Challenge DVD and included free with your purchase.

Both DVD's together for $19.99, free shipping baby!
Some people were asking what was on the bonus DVD.

-Moacir "Boca" Oliveira (De La Riva black belt and ATT member) teaches 3 techniqes
-Sonny Nohara (Cobra Kai, been on a tear in all tournaments) showing off a sequences on techniques
-2 minutes teaser with short highlights from the No Gi Brazilian Fightwear tournament that took place 3 weeks ago.
-Gracie Barra black belt Daniel Montanha Lima rolling up one of his purple belts at his academy in South Beach Miami. Pretty good sparring footage.