More surprising? Junior subs Cain or Cain stopping Junior on the feet?

Junior subbing Cain. In HW devision one punch can finish the fight. No surprise.
I would be more surprised if JDS lands a sub from his back ....anyone can get caught especially at HW.Also i'm not talking about hurting cain and landing a sub seconds after.
Probably Cain knocking out jds on the feet. I could see jds rocking Cain and maybe catching a guillotine or something.
Well, Cain's sub defense is much more untested compared to JDS' chin that's been tested by (Zombie)Carwin, (Zombie)Nelson, Yvel, and Crocop.

I guess Cain stopping JDS on the feet.
Junior subbing him. People are acting as if Cain has no striking, hes does and its underrated.
Cain has finished fights standing before while JDS has not Submitted anyone yet in the UFC. I Think JDS submitting Cain of his back is more surprising since Cain Velasquez is a very good wrestler and also has a Brown Belt in Gorrila JuiJitsu
Both are so damn impressive considering how good cain's top game is and how good JDS' standup is.

Both would shock me, but I'm sure that JDS has a great ground game.
Junior throws a Punch cain gets him Arm and will sub junior with an Flying Armbar
Made thread title less specific.

why, that changes things a lot..original question I think would be closer in picks.

original question what would be more surprising JDS subbing cain off his back or Cain ko'ing JDS.

I guess if JDS submits cain it would probably be from his back anyway.I don't see JDS pulling guard when he's got a guillotine or anything his style is allergic to being on his back which is what makes him so effective.He's progressed so well in his movement,distance and tdd just to keep it vertical.If he subs cain from the top it will have been after hurting him badly with a strike and if that happens I see him striking from still standing or backing up to make cain stand back up not jumping on him.

god I can't even think lol tonights gonna be phenomenal.Every fight on this card has me psyched ...even duffee(still my least) :)
It's my prediction that Cain DOES stop Junior on his feet. So yes, a Junior submission will be a lot more of a surprise.
Cain stopping Junior on the feet. I can't see it happening.
I think JDS subbing cain would be more crazy. We've seen that cain has the power and technique to lay people out.
Jr subbing Cain is more unlikely. Cain has proven KO power.
Cain on the feet is more impressive.

I can see JDS sinking in a submussion after hurting cain.