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Money picks for OSP vs teixeira

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by Moneymma, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. Moneymma Brown Belt

    Jan 1, 2015
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    Osp vs teixeira
    Teixeira lost two in a row,but is ranked 4th and osp is on a 2 fight win streak and his only loss in ufc is to ryan bader via decision. I knew davis will be bad fight for glover and that glover will be having problems with phil's kicks,movement and underrated striking. Osp is way better striker than davis,but he probably wont try to take glover down(tho he has good subs,but glover is black belat and has great tdd). Osp has better overall striking and better kicks and is faster of the two. Glover has more power and will try to box. If someone goes for td,it will likely be glover
    I think osp outstrikes glover and scores a late tko
    Osp tko rd4

    Dariush vs mj
    Mj proved me wrong few times and is great fighter,great striker and improved his wrestling and tdd(even took barboza down and that is hard thing to do),but dariush is real deal. Dariush will hold his own on the feet and he has better bjj(if he can take it there).
    Dariush might try to strike with mj,just to prove a point(like when he beat daron in stand up,miller on the ground). I dont think mj will outstrike him,but he could land one of his bombs and win via ko
    Dariush via sub rd2

    Brunson vs alvey
    Brunson is killer!!!!! He is really underrated: he is only man to finish ed herman via strikes,he outwrestled romero and was beating him for two rounds(not just beating-dominating),he beat leban in his 1st ufc fight,he dominated grove,but somehow lost a decision. Sam alvey is overrated. Plain and simple,he has ko power and he likes to stand and bang. He couldnt check kicks against tom watson,got outstruck by ferreira(but won because of cezar's bad chin) and his wrestling is untested
    Brunson via dominant dec or GnP

    Rosholt vs johnson
    Rosholt is wrestler and johnson isnt(i think?). Rosholt is solid hw and was beating oleyink until that ko. He also beat soa palelelelei
    Rosholt via dec

    Mcmann vs nunes
    Sara lost two in a row(but to two top fighters in her weight class) and never really looked great in ufc. Nunes did. However,i still have some faith in sara
    Mcmann via dec

    Borg vs herrrrrrera
    Borg is one of the best guys at 125,he beat ortiz(2 rounds to 1 imo),took his back many times and looked good in ufc so far. Herrera is unbeaten,but he never fought in ufc and never fought someone as good as borg(or guys that borg fought)
    Borg via sub rd1

    Urijah hall via tko(but he might lose via dec,tho all of his opponents wins are via ko hall has good chin)
    Watson via close dec
    Ortiz via dec(he is hard to finish and better wrestler)
    Dempsey via dec

    Saenz is overrated and one dimensional. He beat yuri,who was good match up for him,because he isnt known for his tdd. Kakai is solid and looked great in his last fight
    Kakai via sub rd1

    Holtzman via tko
    Salazar via dec
  2. JKS 77+&--#rT....

    Apr 27, 2005
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    OSP is a tough call here, Glover is better everywhere but OSP has that awkward style and big power you dont expect in certain strikes. Im not confident either way here
  3. MusterX Titanium Belt

    Nov 17, 2006
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    Yea the Glover/OSP fight is incredibly difficult to predict. Especially since Glover is 35 now and has dropped his last 2. Might as well flip a coin on this one, you would probably be as successful.
  4. asdf122345 Red Belt

    Dec 24, 2005
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    OSP will win. Glover too old. MJ should take the decision. Alvey would get wreckless with that KO and Brunson should get the win.
  5. Flex Plexico customized Gucci accessories

    Jan 19, 2013
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    Gulfport, FL
    I think Tim Johnson is indeed a wrestler...

    Some pretty good picks up there^
  6. delta3 Banned Banned

    Apr 23, 2015
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    Glover's best days are behind him.

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