MMA Training gloves



Sorry, I know this has beaten to death but I been doing some MMA training and my sparring partner and I purchased some MMA gloves that were not too expensive but the padding was thin to moderate (less than an inch) and they had a break (seam) right above the knuckle (kind of dangerous). Now I want to buy some new ones. Mostly we've been going semi-contact and have been somewhat gun shy since these gloves are a little on the unsafe side.

So, I'm looking at most other regularly padded MMA gloves and they look a little more padded than mine (at least when I see them online), such as Ouano's UFC gloves, Sherdog's gloves, etc. Does anyone really train with the more competition grade MMA gloves, because they're a lot cheaper than some of the training gloves out there? I don't neccesarily mean full contact. I don't know, I guess I'm asking would it be safe to buy competition grade gloves (since they're cheaper, like the Truth or Sherdog MMA gloves) to train with?

Also, if I do break down and end up just buying MMA gloves for training, which are the least bulkiest? Because I look at some of the heavier training gloves and wonder if I could sink an RNC with those.

Thanks guys.
Truth makes great gloves. Same quality as Ouano but half the price.

If you want to spar hard and not worry as much about cutting your partner get the ouano shooto gloves or the Fairtex mma sparring gloves. Both have a lot more padding than the UFC style gloves.
Truth gloves hit like bricks at least the gel pad does dont get that if you want gloves for sparring.
^^^^^ Exactly. I bought the gels thinking they'd be better cause they were heavier. I thought that meant a thicker pad. I was wrong, it's just denser and hits like a truck. The only bad thing about Trut gloves is there are never enough and by the time I find out he's got some in stock they're all gone.
You know what's a great glove, that I wish was for sale (at least I can't find it), is the glove that MFC uses. If you've ever heard of MFC, they're kind of like a B-level event, that sort of mix some upper-tier fighters with the up-and-comers, and they're usually international events. For example, I believe they've had guys like BJ Penn and Yves Edwards (don't quote me on that, but they do often have guys from UFC).

Anyways, they're all about getting unified MMA rules, and I think they advocate Pride style rules a little over UFC rules. One of the fighters at my gym fought at an MFC event, and came back with these really nice white Pride clone gloves, that were really well made. The padding on them is pretty damn thick, and good for sparring.