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Apr 1, 2005
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Howdy all I just like to keep you all informed on my MMA bouts because I'm a nerd. Plus some of you guys act like you care. I post all my stuff in this fourm because I'm more of a grappler. Any ways, On the 21St of Janurary I will fight for the AEC lightwight championship. Hopefully everthing goes well and you will see pictures of eating and sleeping on a shiny gold belt for a good solid month. Or I could get my face smashed in and never fight again :( lol You never know. This is going to be my 7th MMA fight. If I win this I want to try to defend it once. If those things both happen I will retire the belt and seek a pro contract with a small pro org. I hope something cool happens regaurdless

Scroll down to see a Pic of me throwing down and to see the guy I'm fighting throwing down.

Thanks Morgan
good luck man tas awesome u have a title shot win it for the sherdoggers
Sweet. How's things been going anyway??? I took the last part of December off but am getting back in there tonight. I hope you're ready because I want you to win that belt so I'm going to be bringing the heat.
Good luck man. Bring home the gold for all us sherdoggers who can only dream of such an accomplishment.
if you don't post for a few days after the bout, well assume you got smashed :p j/k

good luck I hope you both give each other great competition.
Morgan by Kamehameha!


Haha good luck man.
thats sick dude good luck one question are you on sherdog and if so whats your name so i can check your number.
good luck!

not sure about her as a ring girl though :)
Ahhhhhh hahahaha that chic is so old and slutty! Shes a hoot.

Thanks guys for all of the support. Hopefully I kick some ass. If not I can always try again down the road. Hopefully that doesn't happen.

I'm amatuer so I'm not on sherdog.

I'm still waiting for my video from my fight back in October!! so I don't know win lose or draw when I would have the vid for this fight to post.

I'll keep you all up to date.
PM a mod or Admin and have them change your status to Amatuer Fighter.
Dont complain about the Milf dudes! I -hit- her!

And good luck man! Kick that ass!
Just thought this should get bumped to the top since the fight's tonight. Good luck!!!
I'll see you there.
Great fight!!! That dude was a stud but you stuck to what you know and pulled it out. Congrats champ!!!!