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MMA store in Dallas (or even better, Plano)


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Jan 4, 2006
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I need help to find a good MMA store in Dallas... or near to Plano. I
When I loved in Addison (north Dallas) there wasn't any MMA stores but there were a few schools that sold some gear.

Great clubs and hot women, great town to party in.

Newcastle said:
When exactly will you be here? There is an MMA event at the end of February in Frisco (just northwest of Plano) by about 10min and I am sure there will be a TapOut rep there with gear. There will likely be a UFC fighter (current or retired) there as well selling gear and doing pics/autographs.

Im I lucky or? :icon_lol:
I will probably arrive 19th of February and leave 2nd of March... do you have a link to the event?
[SWE]Knorr said:
Im I lucky or? :icon_lol:
I will probably arrive 19th of February and leave 2nd of March... do you have a link to the event?

Pretty cool. The event looks like it is Feb 25th. Here is the link to the message posted on our local board. I will warn you there is a lot of crap to sift through but I believe most of the important info you will need is located on that first page. Just keep an eye on that thread for updates. Tickets are not yet available but should be fairly soon.


We should hook up at the event. I will definitely be attending as there are at least 2 fighters from our school inked to fight at that event. It should be pretty good.
I will be there as well with some gear for a few fighters, what sort of clothes and gear are you looking for?
I will try to visit the MMA event! It seems to be a great show.
But if that isn
I live in Dallas. Not aware of any MMA stores.
Newcastle forgot to mention that at our gym we also sell MMA/MT gear. I have some MT gear listed on my website: www.siamstarmuaythai.com and we also sell MMA gloves and some clothing.

We are in-fact located in Plano and we will have 2 fighters fighting at the show in Frisco.

What kind of equipment are you looking for ?