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Nov 8, 2005
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are there any dojos/schools in warrington/liverpool/runcorn/chester that concentrate on the competitive side of mma as opposed to one form (eg, muay thai or judo)
i already do ju jitsu but i'm looking at getting into competing in the mma circuit
if any one knows, let me know
You'd be more successful down London as there are some places I know of. Why don't you train stand up somewhere until you find a specifically MMA based school.
I have been
i've been doing some Thai boxing and my friend is a Judo monster but everytime i clinch in thai i have to fight the urge to go for a take down ha
and everytime i'm in a clinch in judo i want to throw the elbows and knees
i'm no where near good enough to compete at any kind of decent level yet but i'd love to eventually compete in mma just to see how good i am (or bad)
thats f@ckin brilliant news
you are my new favourite person!!!
Trudge said:
thats f@ckin brilliant news
you are my new favourite person!!!

No problem. PM me some cash or something! ;) Haha.
Although that gym looks out of this world for UK MMA; if you're looking for a smaller 'established' MMA training centre, there's one in Ainsdale... Ainsdale combat club - Paddy Durkin runs it... mixs in Standup training with submission wrestling... some sambo, etc. Never been to a class, but I know he's pretty good at rolling.