MMA, How Much Grappling Time and Striking?

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Feb 7, 2005
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Okay I was thinking since the invention of the UFC alot of people have started cross training to become more complete fighters, I myself do this and I find myself doing BJJ 85% of the time and neglecting the other areas needed to be a complete fighter.

So my question is, if you had to split up your workouts into percentages what percentage would you spend doing what?

The choices being:
muay Thai

Obviously you can substitute BJJ for any other type of grappling art. By the way this isn't which do you do, its what should you do.

The Man Monster
Also before you start complaining about me posting this here in the Grappling section and in the Stand Up section you've got to remember that people have different prospective on this subject and also not everyone from this board frequents the Stand Up board.
This really should depend on what you enjoy the most. If you prefer grappling, work on your wrestling and subs. If you're prefer stand up, work your wrestling to avoid being taken down and focus on your stand up. Also some may be more comfortable using one style over the other (a tall long limbed guy will probably want to keep it standing and use his reach, a shorter guy probably wants to close the distance and take it to the floor). Really, it comes down to personal preference. I focus more on my grappling and takedowns than I do my striking, although I do have stuff to help me work on that aspect (tapes, Bas Rutten workout and instructionals, Master Sken DVD, standing punch bag etc) I realise I'm better off trying to choke people out than knock them out given my height.