MMA gear on Ebay

Those NoGi Vitor Belfort shorts don't look right. We are the only dealer in the UK selling Brazilian NoGi and that design isn't the one we have sold for the past 12 months. Plus the waist band doesn't look right. Mind, thats a bloody cheap price for a cost us more than that trade from the manufacturers!
TA for that Copperhead.just going to see how the bidding is going and think about what hes got on offer......
Check us out, we carry most Brazilian brands and ship from the US. It takes about 10 days for European customers to receive their orders.


Hey guys I'm currently a student and starting up in MMA. I do need some gear but its hard to find affordable products on a student pay cheque. Do you guys have some suggestions for websites?

I found this place, but haven't ordered from them yet.

What do you guys think about that website?

Advise anyone not to click it, this guy is using new account, spamming this link.

http slash ? Really? Does not look like a link for a sport store.