mma gear for christmas


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Dec 16, 2012
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so i have been going to my local mma gym for the past 4 months and i never got to buy my own gear . I have been using the second pair of gloves of a friend and now i want to buy my own . so with christmas coming closer and closer i decided to buy myself a gift. i want to be able to use glvoes both for sparring and heavybags , but i dont like the mma gloves that look like boxing ones . can anyone suggest me a good brand/model for around 60$ ?
If you use gloves on a bag they'll usually end up compressing any padding and result in you being called a dick when you use them on someones face after.
I suggest you actually spend a little more and get one for the bag and pad work, nice and compressed foam so you get a better feel out of the heavybag and mitt work. Then get your own sparring glove strictly for sparring.
How are these as far as wrist support? Granted, I hit about as hard as a japanese schoolgirl, just want to know I'll have decent support regardless.

Wrist support on the KO gloves is top notch!!!!! I use them to pound the heavy bag and have had no problems. Plus Neil is a great guy to deal with.