Mix martial arts


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Feb 16, 2008
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i need to know How to start doing mix martial the problem is Money :icon_cry2 i love martial arts since i was kid always into this but really i never had chance to even do it. So any recommandtions on what to do please........ its called brazialian ju jit su
pick a fight with a total stranger, see how you do, if you win, ill tell you, if you lose, you must fight 2 at the same time.:icon_chee
google for for martial arts gyms in your area or around your area and go down and check it out. try and find a gym that teaches ground game as well as standup if you want to be a mixed martial artist you have to be well rounded.

oh yeah and make sure they teach you crane technique if done right it no can defend
Look up Sensi Al, he is tought by the gracies in brasil.
if you want it bad enough you will find a way
you could whore yourself out to a thousand fat chicks for $50

or a hundred really fat chicks for $500
I hate it when people talk about something they LOVE or want to do really, really badly, but say they dont have the money. Make the money. Plain and simple. Most places cost less than the internet and cable connections. A part time job helps. working one job a few more hours a week helps.

there are tons of ways to make money in the US, so if you dont have enough to do what you want, there is always a way to make more.
So any recommandtions on what to do please........ its called brazialian ju jit su"

bro just go out and buy some tapout and affliction shirts, then you will instantly know how to fight UFC, then proceed to finish grammar school.
why dont you guys stop being a holes thats not very nice