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Missing First Grappling tournament, Broken Toe


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Apr 9, 2008
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So on my birthday , Wednesday, I broke my big toe. I was in a really bad mood and I decided it would be smart to give my recycle bin a nice soccer kick after it decided to hit a chair while I was holding it, emptying its contents into my dishwasher.

This friday I went to the emergency room after having it turn a bit blue and was only able to walk on it with alot of discomfort. I walked in with a sore toe, walked out with a cast and in a wheel chair, with my dad pushing me who broke his thumb in the same week( he got a splint put on it, turns out he crushed the tip, they almost had to remove the nail, but he was not into doing that).

Now the doctor says I can't get the cast off till May 30th. Funny thing is I have been training pretty hard these last few weeks for what would have been my first grappling tournament on April 26th, I had lost weight and was only 5 pounds away from my desired weight class. Obviously thats not happening.

Now with this injury I am thinking I should stay away from working out for a week then start doing upper body and ab exercises, I have some dumbbells and a bench so I will be doing lots of different upper body stuff, hopefully I will be stronger after the injury.

I was also thinking, should I be trying to exercise the other leg? ( my left leg) It's my weaker leg and I was thinking about one legged squats with some leg curls and extensions.

In regards to rehabilitation, In a book I got for my birthday "Training for Warriors" it recommends a lot of different foot exercises for the muscles in my toes and feet, has anyone had any experience with these or this book ?

Has anyone had toe injury ad how did you train through it, any advice will be greatly appreciated.
there are leg exercises you can do that don't involve your toes, you know that right?

curious though, how you managed to, if I am reading you right, empty your recycle bin into your dishwasher?

Bonus points, since you aren't planning on rolling with the injury, that this should be in the conditioning section rather than grappling.
waaaaaahhhh, suck it up.
lol jk get better.
it wouldnt stop me from competing, i broke a small toe its just rather annoying while rolling thats all. big toe may be a diff story
Im sure you could still do squats and stuff If you just kinda raise the broken toe, might be hard to keep balance though.
Snowmongoose, all the stuff fell out of the recycle bin into the dishwasher, thats what I meant lol

Also about the leg exercises, I have a full foot cast and I have crutches.. fun fun
waaaaaahhhh, suck it up.
lol jk get better.
it wouldnt stop me from competing, i broke a small toe its just rather annoying while rolling thats all. big toe may be a diff story

Breaking the big toe is way different than other toes. I've broken several toes grappling, mostly because my toes are so damn long, but I broke my big toe once but didn't know it. I kept trying to grapple but literally anytime I put any real pressure on my big toe or whenever someone brushed up against it when I was working any butterfly guard or open guard, it was incredibly painful. Like on a scale of 1-10 it was about an 8.

Other toes its no big deal, just tape 'em together, make sure you've still got good circulation, and that's it. The big toe can take a while to bounce back from.