Michele Nicolini, Sophia Amarante, Jen Flannery and Ryan Hall Ladies ONLY Camp

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    On the most recent episode of OpenMatRadio with Seph Smith ( http://www.openmatradio.com/2014/05/13/episode-101-seph-smith-5050bjj/ )we announced the 5050 Grappling Girls BJJ Summer Camp.

    World Champions Michelle Nicolini & Sofia Amarante!

    (With a special session taught by Ryan hall: https://www.groundfighter.com/Ryan-Hall-Instructional-DVDs/)

    The first 10 people to register receive the SPECIAL EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION price of only $115 for the WHOLE WEEKEND!!!

    Yes, you saw that correctly, only $115 for the AMAZING opportunity to train with two of BJJ's top female grapplers for 3 days!

    Pre-Register by May 31 $130

    Register by June 26 $150

    Day-of Registration $200 (If space is available)

    Dates: June 27-29, 2014

    Friday, June 27 - Welcome Breakfast, Morning & Afternoon Jiu-Jitsu Sessions

    Saturday, June 28 - Morning & Afternoon Jiu-Jitsu Sessions

    Sunday, June 29 - Morning Jiu-Jitsu Session, Afternoon Open Mat

    * Event will include an optional evening excursion into Washington, D.C.
  2. Irishspirit White Belt

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    This 3-day summer camp hosted by the Grappling Girls Guild will be taught by Black Belts and multiple time Gi World Champ Michelle Nicolini and 2x Nogi World Champ Sofia Amarante w/ a special guest session by Ryan Hall.

    Dates: June 27-29 (Fri-Sun)
    Location: 50/50 BJJ (929 W Broad St, Ste 103, Falls Church, VA 22046)

    All ladies of all ranks and any affiliation are welcome to join us for this awesome experience to learn with a room full of great training partners! (Something most men take for granted but we ladies don't often have the opportunity to enjoy.)

    Registration is already in full swing and participants will be traveling to the DC area from as far away as Ohio, North Carolina, Colorado, and Florida (and of course more locally from all over Virginia, West VA, PA, NJ, MD, DC, etc).

    Already we have ladies representing all belt levels and size ranges - from plenty of brand new beginners to experienced competitive brown and black belts. There is room at camp for everyone!

    Link to registration here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/grappling-girls-bjj-summer-camp-females-only-tickets-11065907427
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    Michelle Nicolini is doing a simmilar girls only camp at the academy I train at, its for a week I believe and then she is doing a seminar which is open to every body. Everyone at my gym is excited to get a chance to roll with her and learn from her. She is one hell of a competitor

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