Met Rx Shakes in the morning?

Sep 5, 2007
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I am 5'11" 150lbs and desperately need to eat more. Since my mornings are hectic, I usually just shake up a met rx as soon as I get to work. I then go home and train BJJ for two hours, and do not have the energy to cook up anything fancy at home so I make another shake (N2 Large).

For lunch it I usually eat large salad with eggs, chicken or tuna, dark greens, balsamic, carrots, cucumber.

But my question is, should I be drinking Met Rx in the morning? Will it have any benefits?
No you should eat food since you even admit you need to eat more

then drink a shake when you get to work

on weekends you should cook a bunch of food to eat throughout the week
While whole foods are preferred, I do enjoy a good morning shake. Quick surge of the stuff my body needs. Also a convenient way to incorporate some of the powdered and liquid consumables I have at my disposal (Greens+, Balanced Essentials, BA, etc...).

Throughout the day, I tend to eat every 2.5 hours (3 hours max). But after a shake, I normally eat whole food 2 hours later.

There's a thread about how to make a good shake. Check the FAQ.
You need more food. Add nuts to your diet. Add anything that is healthy and calorie dense.
it's better than nothing, but you're not going to gain weight that way...that's 3-5 hours without any real food? and when did u go to bed? that's potentially 8-12 hours of no real food? maybe more?
So you eat one meal at lunch

then 2 shakes....that's it for a day?
It varies really but yes, two shakes a day and whatever else I can get in my body in between work, commuting, and training. Thank you everyone for your suggestion so far, I will change my diet accordingly.