Met Erik Koch Today


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May 25, 2011
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Was training at Hard Drive MMA this morning in our hometown. He's walking around at 170 and sorry I have no pics. He looks absolutely shredded right now.

He also said he would try to take Llamas by surprise and take him to the ground right off the bat.
TS is like that guy at the party you always have to watch your tongue around for worry that he may bring shit up in a public setting.
Lol. Koch has no chance now!

Hard to believe this far fetched story without pics ;)

It's ok. I just didn't have my phone on me. I'll bump this when he is back before the team travels to Chi-town.
I met BJ Penn at the airport today. I don't have pics, but I am telling the truth. You can believe me.
I met Roger Gracie today in my training BJJ
That's cool. I have Koch defeating Lamas by (T)KO. Though I'm a big fan of Lamas, he's been stopped by punches before and Koch hits hard.
Usually I have no reason to think this would be fake.

Your gym was open on Christmas morning though? Calling bull. How has no one pointed this out?