Mayweather unhappy Roger? Willing to bring back dad?


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Feb 5, 2008
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Apparently Money Mayweather doesn't like people messing with his money. It looks like he's not happy with Roger training Forbes to possibly beat De La Hoya:

In a recent conference call, pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather Jr. revealed that he was unhappy with the fact that his uncle and trainer, Roger Mayweather, is currently working with Steve Forbes to prepare him for his upcoming May 3rd fight with Oscar De La Hoya. Apparently, Money Mayweather is concerned that Roger might actually do his job and help Forbes pull off the upset, ultimately ruining a huge payday in a September rematch with De La Hoya.

Here's another story about it too:

Floyd Mayweather Jr is unhappy that his uncle Roger Mayweather is training Steve Forbes to fight Oscar De La Hoya on May 3. Floyd Jr said on Thursday that if his uncle doesn
“He is taking money out of his own mouth,”


It doesnt matter who trains Mayweather at this point in his career. It hasn't mattered since the Genaro Hernandez fight. Mayweather is smarter than either his uncle or his dad.
I agree. I wonder why he would bring it up now though. It just seems odd that Floyd would even care...surely he doesn't really believe that Steve will win a decision against Oscar.
War Forbes! Please end the mayweather/dlh II debacle!
hmmm stevie forbes money or pbf money...i think roger will drop forbes.

funny would be if Sr turned Jr down.
Half the fun of keeping up with Floyd is Roger and his antics.
looks like more drama to help promote the rematch
just like wrestlemania
He's not firing Roger....

Just being Dramatic Ole' Floyd by saying that stuff.

Forbes fired Roger anyways, and decided on his brother Jeff to be his trainer.

I think it was pretty dick of Mayweather to go out in the public and call them out like that, it's nothing that a phone call couldn't take care of.....
When is he going to destroy Cotto?? After he wins a DLH rematch???

I really hope the fight takes place and then order can be re-summed and over-hyped Cotto can be shot out of the top p4p fighters.