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Mayweather Promotions


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May 7, 2008
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We heard Floyd Mayweather say time and time again that Golden Boy and Mayweather promotions are the futue of Boxing.

If he's serious about retirement does anyone here see Floyd Mayweather running a successful Promotional Company? Could he feel as competitive as a promoter as he did as a Boxer?

He can kickstart his promotion by signing a big name or names like Golden Boy Promotions. Or he can start from scratch and start getting young kids right out of amateur and future prospects.

Do you think Mayweather could be a good promoter? Can you see him praising anyone else but him self? Can he lie to someone's face and say things like "my guy is much better" even though that may not be the case? Seems when he says he's the best its because he knows it. he also has control. As a promoter he wont have control of the outcome once the bell sounds. As a promoter he will have to deal with losing. Something Mayweather is not used to.

Will it even be a promotion? Or was it just a way for him to make some money on his last two big fights?

Floyd's got decent business sense, and connections out the yin yang here in Vegas. If he wants to be successful as a Promoter, he will be.
Certainly he can be. His head right now seems to be all over the place with all types of ideas. I don't see him being retired for long. He is too young with too much money out there on the table.
I think it's quite the opposite. He's too young, and has too much money in the bank. He doesn't spend oodles and oodles of money the way people think he does, or the way many other Fighters do. It just seems he can make just as much money not getting hit in the face as he can getting hit in the face.
Mayweather would be better than Arum, Shaw and King

Golden Boy is already fixing fights
They have since the beginning, and Floyd wouldn't be beyond it either.

If it makes $$$, it makes sense. No two ways about it. Fight game is always gonna be dirteh.
Speaking of Floyd, a radio morning show last week said that it was Mayweather's crew that beat the shit out of Javon Walker and robbed him. Maybe he retired from boxing but apparently he's still kickin ass.
Floyd and his crew are entirely different factions. If you'd ever met him you'd know, Floyd's not really all that Gangsta, but he hires those types, and they often roll and do shit like that when he's not around.

Now if it'd been Roger or Floyd Sr.'s "crew"...
Whats good with Roger or BIg Floyd's crew?

Also I hear Zab is the same way, even though hes changed, he still cant help but be gangster
Roger and Floyd are just old school. If things get too awry with them, they'll whoop your ass themselves.
heh, figured they grew up as street fighters, unlike their other brother.

i guess thats what lead to floyd being shot on the leg
Nah that was actually a Family matter, not a random street matter. Disputes in the Family, bad blood, Floyd Sr.'s Brother in Law is the one who did it.

Ironically, though, now that you mention Jeff, after seeing all 3 of them work for more than a year, he's arguably the best trainer of the 3 overall. He can do everything either of the other two can do, only rolled up in one relatively quiet Mayweather.