Mayweather/ De La Hoya 24/7


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Apr 21, 2006
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Does anyone know where I can get or see these shows from last year? I keep hearing how great they were and I can't find them on any obvious flash sites or torrent trackers.

Sorry if this should have gone into the media section but I figured that wasn't right since I'm not posting anything.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Theyre not on youtube? Thats where I saw a couple.
Slightly off-topic but does anybody know if there's gonna be a 24/7 for Calzaghe/Hopkins. I heard ages ago there would, but have heard nothing since.
A few months ago I checked Youtube and found none. So tonight I just skipped it and tried everything else. I checked now and I think they're all there. Thanks for the help.

Just so I know when to stop looking since they're in segments: there were four episode right? And were they an hour or 30 mins long?
The 24/7`s are excellent as are all the Countdown shows they do.

I just checked out the Pac-JMM one on Youtube and it was sweet, I generally don`t need any help getting psyched up for these big fights but these shows do make the fight seem more transcendent and important.
i don't think there will be a 24/7 for Hopkins vs. Calzaghe because the fight isn't on PPV. the whole reason for a 24/7 series is to hype it up enough for people to buy the fight.
youtube has the whole show- watched it-captivating stuff
mayweather sucks i hope he comes to mma i would love to fight him at 155
mayweather sucks i hope he comes to mma i would love to fight him at 155

The fuck?

Anyways, they should be on youtube. That's where I saw them. I think they're better than the Mayweather/Hatton series.

On another note, who else thinks the recent countdown shows aren't as good as they used to be?
i think that youtube used to take them off when they found them, but they have been online for a while 6+ months

when i was watching the Coutdown: UFC 82 show sounded like it had hired the same narrator from the 24/7 series, maybe it was just wishful thinking though

The guy who does the Countdown shows now for UFC is Mike Rowe, who also does the voiceover for TUF and a bunch of other stuff along with hosting Dirty Jobs.

I thought that the recent UFC Countdown shows have been the best yet, in a large part because they've copied the HBO formula, including using a similar sounding more serious voice over announcer.