maybe someone here can help me out?


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May 12, 2008
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hey guys. i have a weight loss question and im hoping there are some people on here that can help me. my brother in law has recently gained ALOT of weight this year and hes looking to lose it and live healthier than he has been. in highschool he was skinny as a rail and then he moved out on his own and got a job at mcdonalds and now hes pretty fat. the thing is, hes had heart problems since before he gained weight and now his size and eating habits are just making it worse. i dont really know anything about this kinda thing so i was hoping yall could give me some advice. maybe some different foods to eat and different exercises he can do to lose weight and gain muscle mass or something. any help would be appreciated. like i said, if he doesnt change his lifestyle and eating habits he might have a heart attack or some crap like that
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Make lifestyle changes, not diets. Changing your lifestyle is the only sustainable way to maintain fat loss. Diets people will eventually grow tired of or give up on.