MAXIMIZING creatine absorption!


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May 27, 2004
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hey, from what i know about creatine.. it turns to creatinine (a toxic by-product) pretty fast in water... and upping ur blood sugar helps u absorb it more quickly and efficiently... with that said, Most weight gain formulas have creatine in it i've seen, and i've also found some products like

EAS's Phosphagen


ON's pre-load creatine complex

that is just creatine and sugar/dextrose + electrolytes...

my question is:
what would u guys think if u were to take something like EAS's phosphagen immediately post-workout... and then take ur (creatine-free) protein (or weight-gain) powder like 20min. afterwards? would that be a more efficient way of maximizing your creatine uptake than taking a powder with added creatine?..

bcuz i would think that creatine in a powder would take a while longer to absorb since ur body has to digest all the other crap in the powder.. right?

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not all at once ppl! one at a time please!.. :rolleyes:

feel free to add what u think maximizes creatine absorption as well.. but be sure to state ur logic! :wink:
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most of the time i would say creatine right after workout, then wait about 30 mins after taking creatine before eating/shake.