Mat Space on Sundays in CALI


Just glad to be able to train again.
Mar 7, 2003
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Ive done these threads from time to time, about 5-10 people say they are interested and only about 1-2 show up which is better than nothing. So here i am again hoping to find more training partners, there is currently about 8 of us, this is NOT a class and you do NOT have to pay, this is just mat space. We train sundays starting at 5 OR 6 to whenever people leave. If you are looking for a place to train on Sundays then here is the place, we have decent grapplers here. No egos please.

Let me know if you are interested

Im located in California San Fernando Valley.

thanks for reading

submission wrestling only or mma? how far away is this place from sand diego california? escondido
We do submission wrestling, GI Jiu JItsu, and Wrestling, about MMA ill ask the guys if they are down for that, im sure they are, im down though. its about 35-30 minutes north of Los Angeles
awww, i would butthat's too far, i'll pm you if i have a hockey game up or nar there and will go but i wouldn't count on it. sorry man
yeah i figured, its hella far! No worries.
whatsup. i used to go to school in encino. i live in west la.
What days and where do you train? What time?


Rick Rock said:
whatsup. i used to go to school in encino. i live in west la.
What days and where do you train? What time?



uhm read his post
Stupid question but I have to ask. 5 or 6 pm right?

I'm off on Sundays and could definitely roll every other Sunday, I have my daughter every other Sunday. Super Heavyweight white belt in BJJ. I suck so the extra rolling would be awesome.

im a dumbass! sometimes i read to fast! hmm sundays are good for me.
How far is San Fernanado from the high desert ? That is where I live I am like 65 miles from los angeles if that helps any.
Picture this.
san fernando valley is like North L.A. :D its very close.
then there is Venice and santa monica which is West L.A.
The santa monica mountains seperate the two areas.

Tarzana would be off the 101 fwy I assume.

Where is High Desert??? north south east of LA?
high desert is what you would pass through on your way to Las Vegas
excellent. well then i would say you are the same distance away from san fernando valley as you are from LA, maybe a little more. 75 miles maybe?
I would love to come down sometime and train, I guess I will have to get directions