masters and seniors black belt results


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Jul 17, 2002
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taken from the cbjj site

complete results at the link
highlighted below are the the guys from the U.S. that i know of

Preta Master Masculino

Meio Pesado

Primeiro Jorge Patino Macaco Gold Team

Segundo Cristiano Almeida Sul JJ

Terceiro Julio Cesar Mariano Brazilian Top Team

Terceiro Amal Easton Gracie Barra Pesado

Preta Senior 1 Masculino


Primeiro Welton Ribeiro Welton Ribeiro

Segundo Diojone Farias Gracie Barra

Terceiro Renato Gomes Gracie Barra

Terceiro David Jacobs Yamasaki Academy

Super Pesado

Primeiro Lloyd Irvin Tata Team

Segundo Eric Williams Brasa

Terceiro Ricardo Pinheiro Tanque

Terceiro Ronald Alves Lotus Club


Primeiro Frank Franco Gracie Humaita

Segundo Alexandre Mansur Rillion Gracie

Terceiro Fabio Clemente Alliance

Terceiro Marcelo Rocha Pedro Gama Filho


Primeiro Eric Williams Brasa

Segundo Flavio Augusto Gracie Barra BH

Terceiro Adrien Domingues Godoi/BTT

Terceiro Nilton Jos
I didn't know Lloyd Irvin still fought. ? That might change some thoughts on him...
yes it could, and it appears he beat eric williams in the finals,
eric is really good, he teaches in h-town, he is a great wrestler also
I read a email where he (Lloyd) was talking about meeting some people at the tourney . I didn't know he was going to compete . It's cool he still competes...
you have 3 diferent absolut div(absoluto) is it diferent belts?

plus I read at that gurgel won the absolut... we may be talking about diferent things...

International of Master and Senior 2005

Saturday and Sunday, August 27 and 28, 2005

Tijuca T