Man FLYING NINJA KICK on female babysitter(VIDEO)

yep, and if this case werent televisioned, the bitch would still be free, because brazil sux.
She deserves that ass whooping and more. I'd like to give a few thai kicks into her side...
damn dude....that was so cool watching that bitch get her ass kicked..its the cops fault though cause they said they wouldn't arrest her over the weekend
never the less, it was focken cool, and you know if that happened here, it would be the people getting arrested, not her
Bah... that was lame. She deserved a few slaps and if those were my kids I'd throw a few kicks in there as well, but for fuck's sake people get away with much less than that... that stupid bitch is getting mobbed while murderers and molesters are running rampant. She deserved to be arrested and kept away from children.. not get beat up by angry people in the streets.

Those who hit her are just as stupid... And I don't understand why you think this story is 'cool'. If anything, it's really sad.
actually she receives a nice kick and two punches, its a shame this didnt happen in curitiba where the chute box academy is haha.
She took that kick like a chapion, She must be used to catching beatings
i laughed so hard, that guy just came out of nowhere. who the hell does a kick like that....
That's the coolest thing I've seen all day!!
oh this crazy bitch.... i saw the news clip too, and i asked my mom if she would beat her up, and she said, "of course."
and she got caught on camera. now thats priceless.
I thought it was cool...she deserves it...but as Silvergun sez...A lot of people deserves more it more than her...

But did you read the article?? the children got a lot more aggresive and the fathers name was Da Silva... Does anybody know when this happend?? hhmmm...
damn, it won't load..... can somebody give me a direct link to the video????