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Maize Bag help

The Freak Greek

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Oct 21, 2005
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Hi, Im planning on buying a maize bag for more variety in my personal gym but im not too sure wether to buy 1 or not.
Are they useful? What are the benefits etc....? And how to use it properly.
Thankyou kindly :redface: :D
well apparently its used more for hooks and uppercuts. Ive seen one in a gym before - they're quite large in size and heavy - just wasnt sure if it is worth the $
wow cool gonna look into that but must be a pain to put it on and off all the time. u have to do 1 session just uppercuts - the rings in the way of the jab (i would imagine anyway).
Definatly something worth spending my hard-earned cash on!
thanks :icon_surp
I think it would be a pain to take on and off, you could mout it a little higher then your jab. I've never used one before. Let us know how the Maize bag works out for you. The one in the second photo is a beast, that thing is huge.

wallmits sound like a great idea but the link isnt working. can u post it up again?

We have a maize bag at our gym. It works really well. I a lot better than that donut thing.
The Freak Greek said:
wallmits sound like a great idea but the link isnt working. can u post it up again?


The link worlf for me, but I can try to guide you to it :)

Go to http://www.nicopiasport.se/ (wait until your're at the site) --> click "Best
the Mazie bag or sometimes called the Slip bag can be a usefull tool when no partner is around...

you hang the bag from your regular ceiling, and you stand facing the bag...and you swing it and slip the bag like you would a punch...and that's basically it. You can add punches and whatnot but that's about it...
the donut uppercut bags suck...they slip and don't feel right...just save for a regular uppercut bag, teardrop bag, or a circle bag...
I have a maize ball i use for working on slipping. Like it but one of the boring bags.